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Hello! Before you can check out my site you gotta know a few things about me:
1.) My favorite color is blue!
2.) my birthday is 4/28 (dont forget!)
3.) Me and my gurls kick some major ass!

Alright feel free to look around! Also it might take a while to load so stay calm! thanky!


~Action in DR High~

*In my english class*

*Angela and Grace*

*Brendon and Greggles*

*Jill, Ash, Chrissy, Lil, and Billy* (miss ya Mike!)

*My gym girls*

*Ash and Kelsey*

*Math Class*

*Sat. Night Crew in school!*


*My lunch buds*

~Photo Class~ 

*Kerin, Tessa, and Stone*


*Jill and The Tache*

*Rest of my photo buddies!*

~Sat Night Crew~

*Chel, Laurel, and Shan in the movies (the ring)*

*The whole crew at dinner*

*Chel and Me*

*Laurel, Shan, and Chel*


*Ash, Jill, Holl, and Kerin*

*Good Morning!*

*Kerin and Holls*

*Jill and Kerin*

~E.S.T. Inc.~

*Cass and Ash*

*Ash, Me, and Cass*



  My Kitty for 16 years, what a sweet Kitty. Peanut Butter was her name.
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